Work Wear


– Target Blazer – Limited Tee – Loft Pants – Steve Madden Flats – J. Crew Scarf –

– J. Crew Factory Sweater, Beaded Tank and Cords – BCBG Flats –

IMG_5254 2Wednesday
– Macy’s Sweater and  Bib Necklace – Old Navy Diva Pant – Wal Mart Loafers –

– Gap Loafers, Button-down and Loafers – Target Sweater – J. Crew Necklace –

– Gap Ultra Skinny – Target Lace Tank – J. Crew Factory Blazer – J. Crew Flats –


Your Work Bag and its Accessories

Doc1So as a newer member of the professional workforce I have learned so much about “adulthood” and well, I ain’t all it’s cracked up to be! Plus I work with all mom’s, so needless to say I am the least responsible one, by far. They cook, they clean and remodel their house on the weekends. The only thing I finish on the weekend is my beer. They are ready at the drop of the hat with Advil when I have a headache or someone needs a quick snack, they hand over the goods. Their purses are filled with action figures and half eaten lollipops that they were simply instructed to “save for later!”.
So needless to say, I have picked up a few tricks from the mommies of the office.

A solid tote will never steer you wrong, it will last through the seasons and be able to hold all that you need, even if it is Superman. Some of my essentials have always included my sunglasses, some makeup for a quick pinch and lastly some random bobby pins at the bottom of my bag. For the most part though I don’t use a purse. I throw my phone, debit card and my Carmex, in my back pocket and head out the door.

My newly added accessories start out simple. Snacks, such as a Luna or Special K bar. You never know when you might need a bite to eat! Also, keep a notebook and pen on you because (especially with my blog) you never know when you might need to jot some information down. I always did carry make-up but never had a case, the last think you want at the bottom of your Kate Spade is foundation. So get a plastic lined make-up bag to keep everything in one place. Never be without an umbrella, either because spring is here! You want to be prepared even for a flash storm! Lastly a sewing kit. I was at a job fair once when my button on my blazer came off, luckily I had my travel kit with me!

Two items that are not pictured above but are so important are tampons and money! Weird combo I know but oh so important. So I don’t carry cash on me, EVER. I don’t know how many times I have gone somewhere for work and did not have cash on me. It is embarrassing and so awkward when you have to borrow money, so always keep at least an emergency twenty in your wallet. And lastly (sorry for the masses of men reading this) tampons, because you never know when you or a friend might be in need.

The tote is like your toolbox. It has all the essentials you need to survive when working the 9-5 and going to happy hour after. You want to be prepared BUT you don’t need to be a hoarder. Take what you need plus a little bit more. We want to be always ready like the Coast Guard, because, I’m sure there are times, heading into Toys R Us with a tired toddler is like fighting on the front lines.

So ladies what do you keep in your bag? Am I missing any essentials? Email at or tag on Instagram #TOGpurse

Until next time,

Boyfriend Jeans Three Ways

I am obsessed with the boyfriend fit. It is relaxed yet fashionable. I have a pair from Gap I bought last fall that I am absolutely in love with! They have so many possibilities, they are perfect for running around but they go so well with a feminine top and strappy heels! There are times that they can make a person look frumpy. There is a difference between a baggier cut of a shirt and one that just doesn’t fit. I typically try to do a baggier shirt with a fitted jacket, or a military jacket with an ultra feminine tank. Here are some ways I styled these jeans.


– Gap off the sleeve tee – DSW Heels – Francesca’s Collection pearl necklace –
– J. Crew statement necklace –

IMG_5124-001 IMG_5141-001 IMG_5156-001

Hobo Chic

– Express Military Jacket – J. Crew factory scarf – Gap Chambray shirt –
– My “gun shirt”
– DSW Loafers –

The gun shirt is my boyfriend’s dad’s military shirt that might be older than me! Since neither one of them fit in it I’ve taken it over! It is my favorite “graphic tee”!

IMG_5173-001 IMG_5183-001 IMG_5193-001Classic

– J. Crew Factory Blazer and gold chain necklace – Gap tee – BCBG flats –
– Charming Charlie’s necklace –

IMG_5202-001 IMG_5211-001 IMG_5194-001

Want your own pair? Check out some pairs I found!






101261037 A0208_DM0619_m


Country Music and the Unrealistic Expectations it Brings

Whether it comes from Luke:

“Girl, I don’t care. Oh I just gotta see what you’re wearing. Your hair, is it pulled up or falling down? Oh I just have to see it now.”

Or Blake:

“My best day ever? My finest hour, my wildest dream come true? Mine would be you”

These lyrics, from Paisley to Brooks, are the modern day words of Shelley and Wordsworth. They paint a picture of love and lust all intertwined into this beautiful life. These words make your heart ache and long for this type of love, a love that makes it through the worst of storms, literally and metaphorically. Well sorry to break it to you ladies but life isn’t a country song or a Nicholas Sparks novel. We have to look beyond the fairytale. A man does not want to hear “why don’t you say things like that to me?” or “how come you never do anything romantic?” Yes the idea of Keith Urban’s “Cop Car” sounds romantic but I would lose my damn mind if a man told me he fell in love with me in the back of a cop car….

So remember ladies, he does do romantic gestures for you all the time. They are the little things that you take for granted. Like when you wake him up in the middle of the night because you’re thirsty and he gets you the water you asked for. He would never tell his friends he does this but he would do anything for you.

So here are 4 reasons that country music gets me into fights with my boyfriend.

1. Don’t take advice from lyrics.

There was a time when women would pass along information from generation to generation. These stories and words came from experience and knowledge and 50 years of marriage. In today’s society we get so much of our love advice from social media and reality shows. There aren’t “50 Ways to Make Him Fall in Love” or “12 Dating Tips That Make Him Swoon”. We rely so much on what others are doing and we feel the need to take their course of action. Country music and romantic comedies will be the bane of every man’s existence because he will never be able to compete! He’ll never wait hours for you in the pouring rain because he can’t even wait the two minutes for his Hot Pocket to heat up. Men just have a different thought process, so take the time to get to know his. Learn what makes him tick and share the same with him.

2. Does he do too little or do we expect too much?

Just because he doesn’t put the seat down and always has food on his face after he eats, does not mean that a man is not husband material. Women need to understand what is important in a relationship. There are people who “aren’t picky” but have “high expectations”. The problem is, is that we don’t have high enough exceptions about the stuff that matters but we do care about how tall he is or what our children will look like. We should worry more about things that will affect us in the long run such as being supportive and having good character. Men will never understand our thought process or why we get upset over things he thinks are silly; however, a good man will understand that he hurt you and will try to make it right. He will always take more time choosing his fantasy baseball team then he will picking out your Valentine’s Day card, that is just that but at least he remembered it was Valentine’s Day!

3. How long is your list?

Oh the list. We all have one, it could be pages long with the most asinine of traits such as enjoys a good romantic comedies but loves to go hunting and do man things. We want the full package of looks, charm, loyalty, trust, passion and personality. We want the body of David Beckham and the personality Zach Galifianakis. We will never find that perfect man because Prince Charming is as realistic as a unicorn who makes you pancakes every morning. We all have our flaws, yes I’d love to look like Mila Kunia with Jennifer Lawrence’s personality but I gotta work with what I got. We need to do the same for our men. So stop chasing and look at the wonderful man in front of you.

4. He’s sensitive yet masculine.

One of the top traits a man must possess is masculinity. He must be strong so he can support and feed his family. We expect them to drink a beer and talk about sports. Then we want them to be the exact opposite. Can you imagine how confusing this is?? This is why it is so hard for men to understand the female population. Brad Paisley sums in up in his song “I’m Still a Guy”. We want them to speak to us like the top Country artist sing to their audience’s every night. We want romance and surprises and flowers, then once we get that we want him to outdo himself the next time. We have to look past the “what happens once he gets the girl?” We all can’t be models and actors so we need to remember none of us are perfect.

Work Wear

Sorry for the delay! I was playing in a hockey tournament last night and I didn’t get home until late last night so I didn’t want to post!
But here it is my fashion diaries from this Work Week.

Monday– Banana Republic Dress – Scarf came from a friend who was in Africa –
– Ray Ban Glasses – Steve Madden Flats –


Tuesday– J. Crew Factory Sweater – Gap Button-down – Limited Pants –
-J. Crew Factory Necklace – WalMart Loafers –IMG_5105-001

Wednesday– Banana Republic Skirt – Target Blazer – J. Crew Necklace – Express Tee –
– Steve Madden Heels –


Thursday– Gap Sweater – New York & Company Tank – Gap Pants – J. Crew Factory Necklace –
– BCBG Bow Flats –


Friday – Madewell Sweater – J. Crew Pants – Francesca’s Clutch – Gap Loafers –


Until next time,

Spring Has Sprung!

Here are some of my favorite trends for this season!

Cropped Jackets

Now I’m not talking about the jacket you wore in middle school that looked like it didn’t fit all that well or that God awful cardigan that your mom made you wear with that senior tea dress. The cropped jacket will sit right at the top of your hip and typically has a boxier cut. I really like that they are not fitted because they just have a different look. We are getting away from the extremely tight look this season! Thank god! Plus these jackets are coming in all textures and patters.


boxy-jacket-nyfw-spring-2014-trend-02-w724Your Way

79371378 moonbasa-elbow-sleeve-scalloped-lapel-cropped-blazer-L_p0026817765 105498335 97589989


Oh how I am loving this trend! The pleated skirt gives such a fullness without the bulk. It adds texture but has a subtle softness. Pleats are in shorts and dresses too! Check them out and get ready to fall in love. This is the ideal skirt for that perfect spring outfit. We want to get rid of the heavy layers and fabrics so bring on the chiffon and get ready to twirl!



Your Way

14528151_large dodostyle-band-waist-pleated-midi-skirt-L_p0028741840 104024773 104238219104784231

Metallic and Iridescent

Ever since the 90’s I have loved iridescent, I always want “that fabric that has all the colors!” I used to cringe looking back and seeing my matching track suit in a iridescent purple fabric but now, I’m not hating it. I especially love the shoes pictured below. And we all know metallic is so hot right now, everything from blazers to skirts. Metallic adds some sass to any outfit!



Your Way

93459508 94516736 BGT808J_mx oslo TB_11148320_725


I am still not 100% sold on this style but the more I look into it, the more I realize that it may be my new favorite. I love baseball caps and a side braid. Or eyelet shorts with a chunky sweatshirt.Now listen I’m not telling you to bring back the TLC  look


but try to add more cotton and sneakers into your wardrobe this season. Baseball hats are so cute too and now they aren’t just for your boyfriends. J.Crew has a line out that features a leopard print cap! So give it a change! Plus, who doesn’t love sweatpants? Amirite?



Your Way

104356219 102315852 A4378_KP6201_m17554_SP5699


Wide Legged Pant

It was all just a matter of time until they came back. Here is my one and only issue with the wide legged pant, they need to fit in the right areas, we don’t want to look frumpy! They should hug your hips/waist and right to the top of your butt. From there they should just fall to the floor. But I love the lightness that they bring. Nothing is more annoying then A. taking off your skinny jeans and B. those terrible lines they leave in your legs! So try out this more relaxed look.



Your Way

2665324-p-MULTIVIEW 329c9a580a2373c30368b27e255d8aa0 75100725_normal hmprod 00087748-02

So let me know what you think of these spring trends and share some more with me at or #TOGspring on Instagram.

Until next time,

Pink Pants 3 Ways

I love colored jeans. You will see them featured a lot on here. My favorite pair of dyed jeans is my pink pair from Gap. They fit amazing and are absolutely the perfect color for all seasons. Spring fever has hit me so here are some outfits you can try this season!

I know, I know floral’s for Spring but I can’t help but wear color this time of year. The sun is out longer and it is (slowly) beginning to warm up!

– J. Crew Factory tank – Francesca’s Collection scarf (I wrapped it around my neck to make it look like an infinity scarf and tied a bow at the end) – Gap loafers and Jeans –


My favorite shirt

– Madewell lace shirt – DSW wedges – Francesca’s clutch – Gap Jeans –
– J.Crew Factory necklace –

IMG_5073-001Grey on Grey on Grey
– Banana Republic blazer – Madewell long-sleeve – Gap jeans – Target oxfords –
– Kohl’s pearls –


Looking for a specific color? Try to search and see what they have there if not here are some of my favorites!

Bubble Gum Pink

Tag your instagram photos to #TOGdyed to see what other Spring combinations you can come up with!

Until next time,

Drink. Drank. Drunk.

Most of us have some pretty ridiculous stories of things we have done and things we wish we didn’t do. These are four scenarios that really sum up 90% of my college and mid 20’s experiences at the bar scene.

Awkward comments to people you barely know

“Oh my god I freakin’ love your outfit!” “You’re so pretty!” “Your hair is like Goldilocks’!” I have gotten all of these remarks and have given out some doozies to myself! There is nothing more entertaining then being on the receiving end of these compliments. However, your stomach aches in the morning from embarrassment when you think of some of the conversations you have had with total strangers, but really it  is just the girl who sits behind you it Statistics. Something in your head screams this is a great idea: Tell this girl in front of you who is waiting to pee that she has a killer fashion sense and totally rocking that oxblood lipstick. You think she will really appreciate this awesome compliment but you honestly couldn’t be more wrong. This is because most of the time you are too drunk not to slur your words and she now is somewhat embarrassed because everyone is staring. Just keep your mouth shut tight and those embarrassing comments to yourself.

Making new “best friends”

You go out with your girlfriends ready to have a great time, have a few drinks and just enjoy the night. Hours go by and you’re friends are ready to leave. They have had enough but they can’t seem to find you. Then they see it, you’re sitting with some random girl having the time of your life. Talking like you have known each other for 30 years! You have bonded over the fact that you both love to wear bows in your hair. Your friends realize you have spent several hours having conversations that are puddle deep. They wrangle you away from your new bestie but not before you get her phone number and add her in as “MA GURLLLL :)”. The next morning at breakfast you can’t escape the mockery of your new BFF! There is evidence of her EVERYWHERE. On Instagram for the entire world to see, all 13 pictures of you from last night. You even captured the two of you posing with the bows in your hair and hashtags that read something along the lines of #BFF4lifeeeeee.

Happenings with your REAL best friend

 These are the nights you remember and talk about for years to come. From getting your friends out of the back of a cop car, to taking it upon yourself to march in the Hoboken Saint Patrick’s day parade with your new found bag-piping friends, they have been through it all. They are the ones who will help you wash all of your clothes because before you drove back to school your mother made some godawful garlic creation that made everything smell. When you go to a bar everyone associates the two of you together and when one of you is missing everyone questions as though you lost a vital organ. Don’t be the friends though who remind everyone of Paris and Nicole. The two hot messes who everyone dreads coming to the party. We all have those friends and if you don’t know who they are in your group, you should probably get your priorities in order.

The Drunken Couple Fight

They’re really kinda cute in the beginning. They know each others favorite shot and they cheers before starting each drink. They take pictures together and tell everyone how much the love each other. Then it seems that they go from 0 to 90 in just one drink. She lingers too long at the bartender or he’s caught staring at another girl, then all hell breaks loose. She’s a slut who he can’t believe he’s dating and he is a prick who doesn’t know how good he has it! It is just a symphony of slurred remarks and curses as they dance about the bar in a drunken rage. She tries to swing at him and only misses because he falls over a bar-stool. It is a site for everyone to see and enjoy!


Until next time loves.

Girls Night Out

Going out with your girlfriends is the cure-all to any bad week or picks up your spirit when you get into that horrible fight with your boyfriend. So here is to celebrating the girls! Check out some outfits to get ready for that perfect night out!

– Gap Blazer – J. Crew Tee – Charming Charlie Necklace –
– Anthropologie Flats – Delia’s Jeans –


– Gap Jeans- American Eagle Tank – BCBG Flats – Banana Republic Jacket –
– Francesca’s Collection Necklace – J. Crew Bracelet –


– Gap Tee, Loafers and Jeans – J. Crew Factory Necklace –


– American Apparel Leotard – Gap Jeans – Steve Madden Pumps –


– American Apparel Tee – Francesca’s Collection Vegan Skirt – Macy’s Pumps –
– Vera Wang for Kohl’s Necklace –


– Gap Jeans – J. Crew Necklace – J. Crew Factory Tank – Anthropologie Blazer –
– JCPenney’s Pumps –


So overall we can assume I have too many pairs of Gap jeans but I love them! I love their cut and fit. So if you find yourself at Gap, give their jeans a try. I swear by them!

Until next time,

Work Wear

Congrats to all of you 9 to 5-ers we made it through another work week! Sorry I haven’t been posting much, I coach field hockey so our off season training picked up! So without further adieu, here are my looks from this past week!

– J. Crew Dress – J. Crew Factory Sweater – Target Belt – Gap Flats


Tuesday– Gap Tank-top – Banana Republic Blazer – Steve Madden Pumps  –
– Brooks Brother’s Bow Tie – Alex and Ani Bracelets with Macy’s Watch –
– Old Navy Diva Pant (Not Shown) –


Wednesday– Gap Vest – J. Crew Factory Long-Sleeve and Pants – Target Flats –
– KJP Bracelet and Francesca’s Collection Watch –


– J. Crew Factory Blazer, Pant and Chambray Button-down – Express Tank-top –
– Marshall’s Oxfords –

– J. Crew Factory Blazer – Loft Shirt – Gap Loafers – Express Khakis –


So this is my fashion diaries for this work week! Any questions just shoot me an email at!

Until next time,